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Villa del Rimedio goes back to the half of the 18th century and includes four rooms with six beds (possible enlargement). Besides the bedrooms, the house disposes of two wide halls with frescoes, kitchen, dining room, sitting room, study and a vast surrounding  meadow.  

This villa has all fascination of past times: beautiful frescos, antique furniture, prints and books, precious art.  The rooms are bright and spacious and the living spaces are amazing in size and comfort.  Fireplaces and a piano complete the atmosphere.  

The kitchen allows family meal preparations and opens directly onto a garden and the gazebo for all fresco dining

  • Kitchen

  • Dining room

  • Study

  • 2 Sitting rooms

  • Double bedroom

  • 2 Twin bedrooms

  • Bedroom with french bed

  • 3 Bathrooms

  • Garden with gazebo, barbecue and car parking

  • Air conditioning in bedrooms

  • 4 Fireplaces

  • Refrigerator, dish washer, washing machine

  • Phone, TV, DVD/Divx player, CD/Mp3 player

  • Internet by Wi-Fi*

  • Hair dryer

  • Additional single bed

*for more information contact the owner


Villa del Rimedio is inside a farm of about 16 hectares, set in the famous forests of Cerbaie: a vast green expanse, housed between the municipalities of Fucecchio, Santa Croce, Castelfranco.
The Cerbaie woods have various species of plants such as alders, oaks and firs; They will still survive rare plants like Drosera rotundifolia, a carnivorous plant from the ice age, and Osmunda Regalis, typical plant of tropical climates, dating back some 10 million years ago. Despite a relative proximity to residential areas you can still see squirrels, badgers, porcupines, magpies and woodpeckers, unique and undisturbed inhabitants of the forest.
A part of the forests is also accessible along the hiking trails that wind through the dense scrub and undergrowth and touch equipped areas with tables and benches, ideal for a picnic or a snack.
From here you can also easily reach the area of ​​the Padule (the largest Italian inland marsh, which touches the municipalities of Cerreto Guidi and Fucecchio) where you can go hiking or with 'typical punts' and birdwatching.

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